Carbon Footprint and Sustainability

As the IT industry expands, the environmental impact of data centers and cloud services becomes increasingly evident. Carbon emissions linked to IT operations are a substantial contributor to climate change. Therefore, it is crucial that we prioritize sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint. At Infobell IT, we recognize the gravity of this issue and are committed to driving change. Leveraging innovative technologies, energy-efficient infrastructure, and sustainable practices, we offer solutions that help monitor and reduce carbon footprints effectively. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Carbon Footprint and Sustainability

About Infobell IT

Infobell IT is a product engineering company specializing in Cloud Migration, Confidential Computing, Performance Engineering, Sustainability, Compliance Automation, and High-Performance Computing. By combining AI and human intelligence, Infobell IT has helped many customers with their digital transformation. With a focus on scalability, sustainability, reliability, and security, Infobell IT has helped businesses achieve their goals faster.

How Infobell IT can support your Sustainability efforts

Infobell IT has demonstrated deep expertise and leadership in the area of sustainability and has successfully delivered the Carbon Calculator for a large Cloud Service Provider (CSP). This Carbon Calculator is integrated to customer billing providing Carbon footprint based on services used across projects, and regions over time.

Infobell IT has deep Expertise in GHG Protocol ( and methodology which is the industry standard for Carbon Emission Calculation.

It has fully developed Carbon Calculator for one of the large CSP starting with requirement gathering, design, development and testing.

Infobell IT also has expertise working with Third Party Auditors for GHG Protocol to get product approved.

Infobell IT can work with you in your environment, be it on premise, hybrid or multi-cloud and help.

  • Build a carbon calculator for your environment.
  • Identify areas for reducing carbon footprint.
  • Re-architect your application in-order to reduce carbon footprint.

Infobell IT can work with you to build Carbon Calculator which extends its capabilities to Hybrid Cloud, On-Premises and Multi-cloud, offering a thorough evaluation of environmental impact.

By analyzing on-premises deployments encompassing multiple server configurations and CPU generations, we enable clients to make decisions on their sustainability efforts. This enables businesses to not only embrace the efficiency of cloud solutions but also gain a nuanced understanding of their environmental footprint within the hybrid cloud paradigm. The Carbon Calculator extends seamlessly into the area of multi-Cloud environments as well, catering to the diverse range of cloud service providers (CSPs) businesses may use.

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